I have recently been bitten and I am buying crochet goodies by the dozen. My hobby time is also dominated by the crochet hook…no surprise that when I stepped into The Hab—the most amazing crafts supply store in Mumbai, I picked up only crochet related items. Actually I pretty much behaved like a bull in a China shop…and then not knowing what to buy, came home with just the basic necessities—a wool crochet hook, some shiny cording(absolutely adorable0 and Anchor crochet thread !

The hab

The Hab is every craft person’s dream come true…the shop has a magnificent glass facade with large pickle bins full of colored threads. The walls are covered with sequins and other goodies. The floor above has quilting, knitting and craft related books. One feels like just staying up back there amidst all the crafty goodness…

My most recent crochet project, is about 3 inches wide now and I have been using a metal crochet hook for it 😦 so the new hook is a welcome change and might augment progress on that front…


Linking it to Sunday Stash !