Totally Tulips

What a Beautiful day…woke up to see my Tulip Quilt on the Missouri Star Quilt Company Instagram page 🙂

Totally Tulip

All the extra effort was so worth it 🙂

Also worth mentioning here are two things:
1. That I did a lot of organised and planned sewing as a result of which, a Quilt targeted for month end is done by the 15th and
2. I have sewn one set of leaves upside down which you can see in the pic below. ROFL ha ha
That needs to get rectified.

here are the first set of flowers when they were done …

Tagging this to crazy mom Quilts!

6 thoughts on “Totally Tulips

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  1. I like your wonky leaf. It makes me look again, and say “what’s up with this rebel tulip?”

  2. Love the tulips, and yes I agree the upside down leaf adds character 🙂

  3. I love this and I want to make this too! I may even make the upside down leaf!

  4. What a fabulousTulip Quilt! Will definitely leave the leaf upside down – adds character to your quilt🌷🌷🌷

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