A nine patch quilt

I have always wanted to make a Nine patch quilt. A while back I started making blocks with yellow and red centres from all the scraps I gather, made a few blocks too. Its a long term project that will slowly come up when the other projects are done and scraps remain.

A friend had made a hand sewn quilt top similar to the one I had in mind and sent it over to quilt. I jumped at the opportunity. Just see how beautiful it looks. I may not have added the multiple borders into mine but totally happy with this one and the opportunity it brought forward.

The entire quilt has stitch in the ditch and so it doesn’t interfere with the blocks and the blank white blocks have feathers, much needed practise. I hadnt ever tried it before so practised a few times and got onto the quilt. Happy with the outcome.

Feather ring

The backing fabric is a large cotton bedsheet that the friend had sent me so it turned out well.

Backing, border and binding

Quilt Details:

Quilt Name: Nine patch

Fabric : cotton

Blocks: Nine Patch

Thread : White spade cotton and Aurifil Red

Quilting: stitch in the ditch, feathers on the white blocks

Size: 71″ X 94″

Batting: 100gsm needle punched from Baani quilts

Quilt top: hand sewn by a friend


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