Sunday Stash: Bella Solids

Shruti, From 13woodhouseroad had Bella Parade’2015 on her blog and tested out the thread combinations on her set of FQs. There were about 8 straight line stitches on each FQ. She was unable to unravel the stitches for lack of time and asked if I’d want the FQs. I jumped up with joy!! Which fabric loving girl ever says no to fabric, EVER…

Bella Solids FQ bundle
Bella Solids FQ bundle

Soon my house-help and I unraveled the stitches and one week down the line, I have a full FQ bundle of Bella solids ! yeah yeah 🙂

This is how they looked originally with 8 straight line stitches across the breadth of the fabric…

Unraveling the Threads
Unraveling the Threads

Off to use them over the week …

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