Pink Ombre Flying Geese Quilt

Ombre Flying Geese Quilt
Ombre Flying Geese Quilt

August is dedicated to Flying Geese and I planned to make a baby quilt. That was the target. I bought these lovely ombre over the previous weekend and 15 days down the line, one 4 day holiday inbetween, and I have completed the quilt …

Feel like giving myself a  small pat in the back!

Its possibly the fastest project in terms of time elapsed between ‘fabric to quilt top’ and then ‘fabric to final quilt’. Actually I already had this project in mind, so when I saw the fabric I just jumped on it and grabbed it with both hands… ha ha ha


A note on Flying geese blocks to myself so I don’t forget the basics.

Note: There are 2 types of fabric used in a  flying Geese block. The larger fabric belongs to the geese and the smaller one to the sides. Neutral is usually the sides for me, so neutrals need to be cut into 4 smaller pieces and the geese in one large piece. The width of the block is twice the height. The large fabric size= required width of block+1.24″(mine are 11.25″) and the small fabric is half that+.7/8″(mine were 5 7/8″). These gave me 4 geese in each set, 3 I used for this quilt and one remains as an extra.

The quilt is double bound with 2″ straight cut tape in the darkest shade of pink used in the quilt.

Time taken from start to finish: 12 days.

The inspiration is from  Andrea’s quilt which in turn is from City stitches with changes in size and direction of geese.

Ombre Flying Geese Quilt
Ombre Flying Geese Quilt

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