2016 Sunday Stash #5

Yesterday, I got 2 meters of black solid for making 1″ strips in a proposed geometric stained glass project, all because I needed some motivation to go for a walk and the lone fabric store on my side of town is at the end of the walk. Speak of killing two birds with a single stone…ha ha

Solid Poplin in Black
Solid Poplin in Black

On returning home, I found some black solid in my cupboard…not the weight of fabric I would have ideally wanted but still some fabric that I had no clue existed. Now, that’s the time when one realizes that fabric needs to be organized and looked at, at regular intervals. And it calls for a Fabric Manifesto started by Quarterinchfromtheedge.

There goes the crisp list:
1. Organize fabric regularly(read that as caress it as often as possible).
2. Make notes on all fabric I have, maybe an Excel sheet would help(this might take a while).
3. Note down all ‘To do’ projects and WIP so I can differentiate between the extra fabric(if there is anythings as that…ha ha ha) and if it is meant for a purpose(in that case, ofcourse its not extra and is just waiting to be converted into one amazing gift). Last year I started something of a scrapbook of sorts, adding project details, total fabric used and tiny scraps of fabric in the project in a colourful pretty little notebook. Will continue with that.
4. The last of course is to Sew and sew more. Make a least one completed project a month…preferably a quilt as they use up far more fabric than anticipated. Best way to use up fabric.

So I’m still going to add to my stash, pretty much in the same way I do now, but I’m going to aim to use up at least as much of the old stuff as I bring in , and hopefully more.

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